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Services offered: DUI alcohol evaluations - (Bel Air, MD)

Do you have a DUI or DWI charge pending? Or do you have to get an alcohol evaluation for any other reason? Get an Alcohol Evaluation in person for those near Bel Air, MD, or ONLINE via Skype, Email, Telephone, provided by an experienced licensed addictions counselor with legal training (has a JD degree). Evaluations are confidential, convenient, done with security and comfort on your own computer, or in private individual sessions, and are completed promptly. Evaluations cost $200, and include a professional letter summarizing the conclusions of the presence or not of a diagnosable alcohol or other drug use disorder under the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association), and recommendations for treatment and/or educational interventions as indicated by the data from the evaluation. Jan Edward Williams, MS, JD, LCADC

Services offered: DUI alcohol evaluations


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