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Eviction Specialist - (Van Nuys, CA)

Have You Receive A 3 Day Notice or A Court Summons • Do You Need Answer To Explain Your Self To The Judge (Answer) • Do You Need Some Time To STAY!! 3 To 6 Month • Do You Need Peace of Mind Don’t Let The Sheriff Lock You Out Of Your Home So Pick Up The Phone You Have Rights!! CALL ME: Casey @1(800)909-9083 We Help With Unlawful Detainers and Evictions and We Also Do The Following: • Small Claims ( Under 10,000 Dollars) Counter Claims /Amend Small Claim • Civil Restraining Order • Divorce (Simple)/ Response To A Divorce • Custody • Child Support( Visitation)/(Hearing Request/Modification) • Name Change • Also Attorney Serivce • Process Serving(Proof of Service) • Legal Forms Si Habla Espaniol YOU HAVE RIGHTS Free Consultation /Consulta Gratis 1(800) 909-9083

Eviction Specialist


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