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RainDial Irritrol Sprinkler Timer Repair RD-, RD RD, - (Phoenix, AZ)

I Repair most RainDial sprinkler timers. just send me the controller I ll fix it and send it back it s that easy. Email or go to the rainDialDoctor dot com web sitefor more info. I specialize in Irritrol Rain Dial Series (RD- series) The typical problem shows itself as strange or intermitt behavior buzzing or non-working valves erratic programming display or no appearance at all. Here are some key points Repair Time - You choose pick the mailing method it usually takes me a day or to repair Quality parts - I use better parts than in the original. Warranty - I warranty the work that is d Experience - -Years of experience in the electronics industry If you re considering alternatives consider that any used timer will likely have the same failing parts so they will not last long. It s better to get yours repaired then to get an exchanged unit that may of more problems with it then yours did.

RainDial Irritrol Sprinkler Timer Repair RD-, RD RD,


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