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Grown Mature Trustworthy( olittle) - (Three Rivers, MI)

Hi! my name is Michelle, I live in 3 Rivers Michigan I am willing to travel within fifteen minutes of my home to take care of any of your animals and do any pet sitting that you might have a need for. From gold Fish to the barnyard, been there done it. Including reptiles. I'm Educated and Experienced with almost all animals. I know there's people around who have great animals And need some help .I have the time and I'm willing to put the effort in and I love n adore animals they love me back they always have. It's been very natural my whole life. I am a mature 44 yr.old, married with children and a house full of animals including three dogs, cats and a tortoise currently. Please text this number if you would like to speak with me. just introduce yourself and let me know you found my add And we'll talk. 269-816-... Thank You for your time Ms. MICHELLE


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From PetSitter - 1 month ago