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Graduate student- Great with all pets, big and small! - (Birmingham, AL)

I am a graduate student in the Birmingham area. I am wonderful with all pets, and have experience with dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, and birds. Dogs: I am a lover of all breeds, including Pitts and Rotties. I currently have a German Shepherd and a Lab/Terrier mix. I am incredibly active and have no issue taking your pup for a walk. Depending on the animals, I can even walk 2 at once! I can go up to 5mis per excursion, so your dog will get plenty of cardio! I'm also a huge fan of fetch and playing with them, so they will get plenty of love and attention. I will need proof of vaccination for rabies and anything else relevant to your animal. I am comfortable administering any medication your pet may need Cats: I adore cats. I have 1 myself. I can change food, water, scoop cat boxes, etc. If your cat has special needs I can easily work with you for that!


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From PetSitter - 1 month ago