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Experienced,Proficient Pet Care Provider - (Abington, MA)

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Posted 1 month ago

I am a strong,healthy,physically fit individual who has been around animals my whole life. I love all kinds of animals,wild and domesticated.I feel that your pet is truly a part of the family with their own personalty, routines and quirks who are loved and appreciated and bring joy to the family members. I also know that you want the best for them, Safety, happiness and being cared for,just like all the other family members. I seem to have a silent understanding with the animals I encounter. I presently have three families of chipmunks that come to my deck for food and come right up to me without fear.I love it, watching them work together as I sit next to them. I am not easily frightened by animals big or small, some may take time to accommodate to me, but it's worth the wait.

Experienced,Proficient Pet Care Provider


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From PetSitter - 1 month ago