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Honestly and loving - (Tucson, AZ)

I love kids, i like to be around them, They are good souls in formation, I like to be part of their development, to teach them to explore and at the same time to learn from them. since i was 17 yrs old, i started doing social work for a kids foundation in colombia, I've been going for 5 yrs until I move to the United States like au pair, i lived and work in Scottsdale for one year and half until i got married, I used to take care four kids of different ages: eight months, 4, 7 and ten years. The family an I had a very close relationship, We understood each other very well, I taught to youngest kid to speak Spanish and every time That they learned something new, I got very excited, I love to work with kids I would love to have the opportunity to work for you

Honestly and loving


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From Sitter - 1 month ago