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Fun-loving, compassionate, responsible pet sitter :) - (Bowling Green, OH)

Hi there, Im Jess ! I attended the small animal care class at penta for a year, where I experienced and worked with all kinds of animals, furry or not. But above all else, Ive had animals all my life. My dad is a hunter, so we were/are always trading in old dogs for new dogs, mostly dogs, so bigger dogs. I of course also have small dog experience, as well as cat experience. All the essential animal duties, Ive done them, well over more than a few times. I am very compassionate, friendly and loving towards animals, I often think (know) I like them more than people most of the time. What kind of weirdo doesnt like animals ?! Anyways, with all that being said, I would enjoy walking, playing and caring for your animal just as much as I would enjoy and appreciate the extra cash. I am looking forward to hearing from you and your pet soon ! Thank you. :)

Fun-loving, compassionate, responsible pet sitter :)


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From PetSitter - 1 month ago